BitBean at PorcFest 2017!

PorcFest 2017 Flyer

Back in 2010, PorcFest was on of the first major marketplaces for Bitcoin at a live event.
Last year we gave away 1.3 million BitBean there (now worth more than $8,500 USD)!
This year we will have a store there - featuring BitBean Digital Cash cards, BitBean merch, real beans, other food, and common items needed for campers.
The BitBean store will accept BitBean Digital Cash as payment for all items.
Profits made will help to fund further BitBean Core development and marketing.

PorcFest website

Join the Team Bean community today on our slack-killer: Team Bean Live Chat


DNS Seeder Server Launched

Download Press Release in .pdf


Bean Core v2.0 Virtual Company Launched


1.3 Million BitBeans Given Away At PorcFest Freedom Festival


A Press Release has been issued:

Press Release

Download Press Release in .pdf


BitBean Added to

Bitbean Added to


BitBean Added to Cryptopia Exchange

Bitbean Added to Cryptopia Exchange


New Updated RoadMap Released (2016-1)

Current RoadMap

An updated RoadMap has been published and is available for download in PDF format.


1 Million BitBean Giveaway Contest!

1 Million BitBean Giveaway Contest

To celebrate the launch of our new updated wallet (Version and BitBean reaching the 1 Billion mark (1 Billion BitBeans in existence) We will be giving away 1,000,000 BitBeans!

More information and Rules are available at our official contest forum and thread:


New BitBean Wallet

New Wallet Released

Bean Core has released a new updated wallet V1.1.0.0.RC
You can find more information about it and download the new wallet on our Downloads page. The wallet is available for immediate download for Windows and Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures). This is the first update since BitBean was launched on February 13th, this year.


New website is out!

New Website

TeamBean's Designers acted fast on setting up a new and slick website.
In this new website you'll be able to find all the details about BitBean and everything related to it.


The Bean That Grew Two Stalks: The Story Of BitBean

Cryptocoins News Article About The Story of BitBean Follow it here...


BitBean User Friendly Forum Launches

Cryptos First User Friendly Forum! Follow it here...


A Press Release has been issued, regarding the taking over of Bitbean by the community ...

Press Release

Download Press Release in .pdf


New BitBean Wallet installation/setup tutorial available!

Need some help to install and setup BitBean Wallet? Just follow these steps...


Review of BitBean on

This was the first website to publish and article about BitBean. Read it here...


New BitBean announcement thread on

After the Team Bean's takeover the natural new thread about BitBean Project. Follow it here...