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Top 10 reasons to choose AJM

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Independent main chain
The AJM main chain is officially launched, and the main chain in the future will win the world!
2. Can't roll the road
All assets are entered into the smart contract placed in the height of the AJM block. There are no inserts, withdrawals, and instructions in the contract! Tianwang Laozi can not take a penny, can be verified!
3. Free from hard and soft blows from outside factors!
AJM's entire wealth operation mechanism runs on the blockchain, decentralized management, and wants to stop it unless the world loses power at the same time.
4. Information security
AJM supports the development of a stand-alone web browser. Each AJM address can be used as an anonymous IP address. No personal identity information is disclosed, and no one can find the account assets.
5. Cash in seconds to
No need for anyone or any organization to approve or review.
6. Business logic design is perfect
AJM's precise and rigorous product design, with unparalleled financial logic and new rules of the game, will run the initial function in the cryptocurrency wallet application, creating a never-ending financial perpetual motion machine that will bring real wealth to the world. .

7. Low participation threshold
AJM has the characteristics of high profitability and low threshold, so that everyone is eligible to participate.
8. The reward system is humanized
There is no burn mechanism, the dynamic is small, and the willingness to pay is certain; static, time for wealth, in line with financial logic.
9. The public has a sense of freshness
AJM is a new exploration of new global business rules, the world's first, realm redistribution of world wealth using blockchain smart contracts, people have not experienced the real decentralized blockchain smart contract to implement financial management The way, very curious!
10. Comply with the trend, in line with the trend...
Finance is a force that affects the world around us all the time. The circulation of wealth constantly rewrites the trajectory of human civilization. Trust and security under centralized finance are facing unprecedented challenges, and AJM is changing the world in a decentralized way.
AJM, you must experience it! You will be excited about it!

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AJM Global Community welcomes you to participate in the experience!

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The 2019 World (Wuzhen) Blockchain Conference ended successfully, and AJM will jointly develop a blockchain for the next ten years.
On November 8, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference was grandly opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Ms. Wang Xiaoling, AJM Asia Pacific Community evangelist, attended the meeting.
It is reported that this conference attracted hundreds of blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world, and nearly 4,000 guests attended the conference. The conference focused on the hot issues of blockchain application, technology innovation and industry trends.
At the event, the atmosphere was very hot. The beautiful water town of Wuzhen is immersed in the imagination of the digital age, blooming the light of the global blockchain.

With the embarrassment of the future, let us follow the footsteps of Ms. Wang Xiaoling to experience the style of this conference!
At the meeting, through the sharing of guests, we learned that blockchain technology has become an indispensable part of the world economic development. For example, Tencent Virtual Bank has obtained a license, and the Ali Development Alliance Chain will be launched in three months. And the popular applications such as the fourth-generation blockchain technology will help the blockchain industry take off, and the future will change the world development pattern.
It is understood that AJM is a public chain based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, and it attracts a large number of participants with its innovative solutions in the commercial field.
AJM has natural cross-chain support, local database support, smart contract and consensus connection, chain slimming technology, record-level permission control, privacy protection, auditing and subscription functions, lightning network transmission, offline signature support, RPCA consensus algorithm Save nine advantages such as computing resources. It is the world leader in comprehensively surpassing the underlying application technologies of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.
In terms of ecological construction, AJM regards digital banking construction as the ultimate ecological goal, comprehensively considering peer-to-peer transactions, dual Token economic model application, digital asset payment, and investment customers, and solving the shortcomings of traditional banks through digital banking, making AJM a One of the top ten mainstream currencies supporting the entire network ecosystem, ultimately achieving cross-border settlement and globalization of digital banking.
We are convinced that with the continuous development of the global digital economy and the improvement of national blockchain regulations and policies, AJM high-performance public chain construction will also advance steadily, and the value of innovation is gradually emerging. AJM will continue to use innovation to promote the development of a blockchain digital banking ecosystem with innovative thinking to build interoperability, inclusiveness and win-win.

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The speculative coin started from AJM and was fired to 30 yuan before! My goal is to earn one million!
According to the prediction of internationally renowned crypto-equity analysts, AJM's bulls are strong and will soon usher in a magnificent bull market. It is very likely to break through 30 yuan before the year. It is time to get on the train!
With the establishment of AJM Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries' operation centers and the promotion of the AJM Global 30 Country Roadshow Summit, investor confidence has increased, the activity of major communities has increased, and AJM prices have risen and the value is comparable to gold.
Many community partners set their own goal of earning 1 million a month.
There is no shortage of opportunities in the market. What is lacking is the opportunity to seize the opportunity. Have you got it?

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Jewish intelligence 046: AJM bulls up the power, the rebound trend is obvious, the new round of rising prices began! ! !
11-18th News Reference
1. Zhang Jianhua, President of Hua Xia Bank: At present, the application of blockchain technology in commercial banks is more about supply chain financing.
2. Slovak Ambassador to China: Blockchain releases the potential of Sino-Singapore cooperation.
3. Li Guoqing re-invested in a blockchain project.
According to the Beijing News, Tianxue data shows that in recent days, Changsha Powerful Wisdom Information Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, from the original Shenzhen Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. 100% shareholding, adding four corporate shareholders, including shareholdings Suqian Guoluo Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership) with a ratio of 0.5%.
4. Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: We must focus on breaking through the core technologies of blockchains such as smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms.
On November 17, the 2019 International Blockchain Conference was held in Deqing, Zhejiang. Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the innovation and development of the blockchain technology industry, track and analyze the frontier dynamics, and accelerate the improvement of top-level design. Focus on breaking through key core technologies such as smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms to support the construction of blockchain open source communities.
5. Long Hash Report: Tether manipulation did not lead to Bitcoin's 2017 bull market.
Long Hash official website published an article saying that in order to measure the impact of Tether on the bitcoin market, we calculated a measure called Tether purchasing power, which is defined as the market value of Tether divided by the market value of bitcoin. It measures how many bitcoins can be purchased for all Tether supplies in the market at current spot prices. The higher the ratio, the more potential manipulations are performed using Tether.
6, BM: EOSIO's goal is to become the fastest and most versatile application database.
7. Bitcoin has an “empty block” at 604285 today.
According to Tokenview data monitoring, Bitcoin has an “empty block” at block height 604285. The block size is only 379 Bytes. There is no transaction except for the 12.5 BTC mining award in the block. The browser shows that the block was dug by the ant mine pool. Block hash: 0000000000000000000625bf416d7b4e1e41a80bb29902ba91effba752b97abe.
8. The Jank Group retired as a legal person in the company, and Wu Jihan quit the main members of the company.
According to the financial network · chain financial news, according to the national corporate credit information publicity system, the Jank group retired as the legal representative of the company (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Wu Jihan exited from the main members of the company. At present, the legal representative of the company is Xu Weiliang, and the position of the Jenke group is changed to a manager. In the case of the Bitcoin Patent Dispute, the Fortune Technology Company was the patentee of the patent involved. The company has licensed Beijing Bit China to implement the patent in the form of a general implementation license.
11-18 day market analysis
AJM's long-term uplifting power, the rebound trend is obvious, the new round of rising prices began! ! !
On the 17th, on the weekend, AJM sent a wave of surprises, the price rose rapidly, the highest touched 0.27 US dollars, the opening on the 18th continued the trend of yesterday, the bottom long amount can be sufficient, the overall trend formed an upward trend, there is a further upward pull attitude.
The trend always appears unconsciously. The effective breakthrough of each wave trend line is the key point for the start of the big market. It is recommended to follow the trend.
Today's trend is to test up around the daily 5-day moving average of 8500, breaking the yesterday's high point and further testing to the upper high resistance zone. After the 60-day moving average 8620 position is blocked, a callback trend is formed. It can be seen that the upside pressure has been accumulated. It is difficult to effectively start the uptrend, but the trend is adjusted around the 5-day moving average. The short-term market sentiment is showing signs of gradual recovery. In the follow-up battles, the bulls will also pick up. The MACD indicator is still showing. Continued, the situation is still biased towards the short side. In the process of rebounding, we must always pay attention to the threat of high resistance above. The more stage of the market tends to oscillate and adjust. The current rise is the suppression of high resistance, and the bulls further release the upper bear pressure. In the short-term market pressure, the short-term market pressure will also be strengthened. The follow-up trend may be further retraced. It is necessary to pay attention to the 8400 first-line and low-level support. Once broken, the short-term shock tempo will also be difficult to maintain and continue to enter the oscillating down stage, so the situation Before it is completely stable, the operation is recommended to be high-altitude, and the low is supplemented. Follow up at 8600-8700. Look to 8400, more than a single recommendation to look at the amount of 8600 in the 8400-8300 regional distribution.
The recent trend of ETH gradually entered a weak stage, and the Bollinger Band entered a parallel posture. The trend formed a rebound near the Bollinger Band 177, but it still suffered from the short resistance above the middle rail 184 of the Bollinger Band. The situation still failed to open upwards. The trend is in a stagnant posture. The STOCH indicator and the RSI indicator are both leveled around the 50 level line. The follow-up trend will form a turbulent trend. The operation suggestion is low and the air is recommended. The empty list suggests that the 187-190 area will follow up. The more than one proposal is recommended at 180-177. Follow up nearby, with a good stop loss and stop the operation to ensure safe and effective profit.

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AJM accelerates deepening of the Southeast Asian blockchain market Indonesia's community has unlimited potential!
Since its launch, AJM has always adhered to a global vision to expand the international market. With the approach of the 30-nation global ecological summit in 2020, AJM has accelerated its ecological layout and focused on the Southeast Asian blockchain market. It has held seminars and exchange meetings in various cities in Indonesia to promote the comprehensive development of the Indonesian market.
At present, AJM Indonesian community activities are in full swing, and have held seminars and exchanges in various regions such as Medan, Jakarta, Magelang, Sulu and Badang, which are widely praised by Indonesian crypto-equity enthusiasts.
With the opportunity of the “Global 30-nation Eco-Stage”, AJM will continue to work on the fertile soil of this blockchain, relying on its own blockchain 4.0 technology, pooling innovation, and exploring the Indonesian block with the global blockchain quality resources. The chain market, in order to continuously improve the Indonesian distributed business system, reshape the new ecology of the industry, create a complete distributed business ecosystem, and achieve and help more companies and individuals create their own business ecosystem in the blockchain wave.
We have reason to believe that in the future, AJM will eventually push the digital banking ecosystem to the world, and benefit the global digital asset enthusiasts to promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry!

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AJM is between you and the next bull market
The benign development of the blockchain financial market is inseparable from the support of public chain,.So a stable, high-performance public chain landing becomes very important.
AJM is based on blockchain technology, with decentralization and anonymity as the design principle, and builds a “private Internet” on distributed nodes for all public use. In addition to the stable operation of various DAPPs, digital asset enthusiasts can easily realize various blockchain applications for investors to benefit.
Since its launch, AJM has been enthusiastically sought after by the market. It has created a record of ten layers of resonant trading in a week, and the daily active users exceeded 10,000. As of press time, AJM resonance trading has gone to the 14th resonant trading layer. In the current turbulent environment, AJM leads the way as a dark horse and exceeds the trading volume of mainstream currencies. A new bull market will soon be opened by AJM.
Why is AJM expected to open the next‘bull market?’
1. Comply with the development trend of future digital currency
"The existence is reasonable!" There is a certain contingency for digital currency represented by Bitcoin becoming favor of the era. . However, the emergence and popularization of digital currency is the inevitable development of society. Without Bitcoin, there will be other forms or names of digital currency plays such a role.In particular, with the mutual penetration of Internet economic activities and entity economy activities and the increasingly close relationship.The scope degree of Internet currency intervention in entity economy activities will become increasingly deep.It will be the general trend to replace legal tenders in some areas. AJM takes the initiative to adapt to the trend and makes its future development full of huge space.
2. Insist on the development of public chain
AJM is the fourth-generation blockchain technology main chain project, leading the world, and has completely surpassed BTC and ETH. The team has more than 100 industry elites in the fields of cryptography, blockchain technology, network security, finance, web development, etc. The team has nearly 10 years of research and development of the underlying technology and has in-depth research on multi-chain fusion technology, formalized intelligent contract technology, privacy protection technology and hybrid consensus technology. When the public chain research and development through deep cultivation is launched, it means the application scenarios of AJM will continue to increase and will also greatly promote the price increase.
3.Complete future development planning
AJM is committed to building a decentralized consensus society with a full ecological future monetary network on a global scale and strives to build a highly liberalized blockchain digital bank new ecosystem. In addition, AJM has eight ecological application scenarios: wallet, resonance V pool, AVD advertising business, stamp fission, chain sales contract, chain business contract, OTC group, anonymous social intercourse, etc., effectively combining modes of sharing economy, blockchain emerging economy ,integrating traditional resource sharing platform both at home and abroad, to jointly build a digital bank ecosystem that is purer, more efficient, more autonomous, and more intrinsic economy value.
The future has come,we should comply with the trend!
Since the launch of AJM, it has been bullish all the time. At present, there is an opportunity to double the value if you hold it now. The market is full of confidence and the future trend is very promising. The road to subvert digital bank by AJM has been opened. In the future, with the accelerated deployment of various DAPP applications around AJM tolken, hundreds of millions of blockchain markets will be booming again.
AJM is between you and the next bull market!

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Jewish Intelligence 051: AJM is not losing heat - a world-class carnival kicks off!
News on November 25, 2019

1. AJM recruits super-eco nodes globally. There is no threshold for the recruitment of AJM Super Eco Nodes, and all network communities can sign up.

2. Ethereum developer Will Villanueva said that Ethereum 2.0 “Phase 0” progressed very smoothly, and three teams are currently following up the second phase of Ethereum 2.0.

3. UAE Central Bank President Mubarak said that the UAE-Saudi digital currency project will help reduce remittance costs.

4. Bitfinex is faced with a class action lawsuit, and Bitfinex responds without any form of settlement.

5. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange's cross-border blockchain platform was once again expanded to 17 provinces. As of November 20, the platform has completed the total amount of accounts receivable financing loans equivalent to US$8.214 billion, and the number of service enterprises totaled 1,590, of which SMEs accounted for About 70%.

6. Xinhuanet published an article "Xin Zhiping: I don't want to put the blockchain in this section". The economic reference newspaper published a front-page article saying that in response to the recent resurgence of some virtual currency platforms, the regulatory authorities have successively cracked down on illegal transactions.

7. On November 24th, Beijing time, at 23:11:20, a total of 44,000 large transfers on the BTC chain were worth about $310 million.

8. The economist Lang Xianping issued a microblog that the blockchain fire does not mean that the virtual currency can resurrect.

9. The Bank of Korea said it has no plans to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Market Analysis on November 25, 2019

Yesterday, BTC dropped again and once fell below the 7,000 US dollar mark. Currently, it is near 7,000 US dollars. The net inflow and outflow of BTC funds within 24 hours is basically the same. Obviously, due to the negative factors such as the recent policy to crack down on the speculative currency, the BTC on the technical side has a large rebound demand, but the short-term warning has not yet been lifted. If the relevant departments continue to release unfavorable news during the day, the market may continue to decline. The upper resistance is concerned about $7,400, and the lower support level continues to pay attention to the vicinity of $6,800. Recently, the news has more unfavorable factors suggesting appropriate risk aversion.

In terms of operation, the spot can be considered to continue to hold, and futures are still not recommended to open more.

ETH has continued to decline due to the influence of the broader market yesterday, and is currently hovering around 140 US cities. In the past 24 hours, the net inflow of ETH has approached 40 million US dollars, which is a decrease compared with the previous cycle.

On the daily line, the short-term trend of ETH is not optimistic. Yesterday, the entity's Yinxian line received almost no shadow line, and the weekly line also closed out a long physical Yinxian line. The subsequent high probability will continue to test downward. The upper resistance level is near $155, and if it falls below the $140 support, it continues to focus on the $120 support level.

In terms of operation, the spot continues to hold, and futures do not recommend operations, waiting for opportunities.

International market experts predict that AJM will break through 30 yuan a year ago, and along with this goal, everyone will talk about whether AJM will become the next thousand coins. Some participants believe that the nature and fission mode of AJM allow the community to reach a general consensus and the price of the currency rises. Some people think that AJM as a product of the fourth-generation blockchain technology itself has value.

I have seen all the AJM white papers know that when AID fissures to a certain extent, AJM will officially enter the public's field of vision, and its price will naturally rise. Just like the early days of Bitcoin, the promotion and maintenance of believers has formed a good and solid consensus around the world after many years. Many participants of AJM have the same pace and the same beliefs and directions. The technical party's perfection of functions and the promotion of participants and the maintenance and construction of the ecology have made the ecological base become huge, and the interlocking functions form a complete capital chain. Even in the financial system, AJM will inevitably create a myth of wealth and lead to a world of wealth and freedom.


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