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Realizing the counterattack of wealth in AJM is so simple

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1, AID coins (currency up and down to make a difference)
Install the registered AJM wallet, activate the AID, you can enjoy the whole network trust stamping rank, which is equivalent to burying a 0 cost mining machine, while buying Aollar, now buy Aollar, just like buying BTC in 2009, buy is to earn To achieve the counter-attack of wealth and embark on the peak of life, we need to seize opportunities in advance.

2, fission promotion AID
1 drag 12 layout, direct push an AID needs to pay 500 Aollar, direct push award 15% is 75 Aollar, see point award 5% is 25 Aollar, each invites a new AID, the inviter gets 75 +25 = 100 Aollar rewards. That is to say, any AID, after inviting 5 new AIDs, minus the 500Aollar used to create the AID, is the net profit. In addition, if it is a team operation, 12 by 12 matrix, the team multiplies very scary.
Each newly created AID will bring a 500 Aollar reward to the community; a direct invitation to reward 75Aollar, a system award of 300 Aollar, and a system integration service fee of 10 Aollar.
In the future, an Aollar will cost $10, and one will be $2. In the future, an Aollar will cost $50. One straight one is $10, and one Aollar is worth $100. One straight one is $20. When you set up the system in the early Aollar price, the reward is very scary, a total of 12 layers, the first layer of 12 people, the second layer of 144, the third layer of 1728........12 layers Covered, a total of 9.7 trillion people.
3. Participate in the BTC competition
In the AJM Global Dark Horse Project, each block week, counted as a competition week, build your own trust seal system through fission promotion, and calculate the weight score according to the number of newly generated AIDs and the number of newly generated AIDs in the current block week. .

If the fission promotes the AID weight score into the TOP10, it participates in the BTC that divides the current block week competition. The first block rewards 51 BTCs, worth 1.7 million yuan, and the revenue is considerable.
4, light node income
Have all the rights of AID, enjoy the reward of the network slide down, and participate in the Lucky20 draw of the main node of each block, and divide the 50% of the V pool resonance BTC last week.
5, the super master node income
1 35% of the transaction fee is obtained;
2 get 50% of the daily mine pool reward;
3100% AVD income;
6, AJM mining revenue
Need to invest in mining machines, AJM uses RPCA certification method and POS mining algorithm, mining revenue is closely related to fission promotion, POW and fission AID have a hedging balance mechanism, in simple terms, the last block is added by the new AID The more Aollar, the more revenue the mining and super nodes will have in the current block, and the less the opposite. The more you calculate, the more blocks you participate in, and the higher your income.
7, open the distributed OTC group function
You create an OTC group, which is the group owner. You can get a fixed rate commission for each OTC transaction. The specific ratio is up to you. For example, you receive 1 Aollar per transaction. If the group trades 100 pens a day, you One day's income is 100Aollar; the second income is the new member's group fee, which is also set by the group owner. For example; enter a person to receive 0.1 Aollar, your entire group of 1000 people, that is the income of 100Aollar, the maximum number of groups is 100,000.
8, chain business contract
For example, a teacup merchant successfully docked AJM with a tentative profit ratio of 12%. Assuming that the teacup sells 100 Aollars, the AID in your 12-tier system, you can get 1 Aollar by purchasing the teacup of this merchant. Profit, if you buy 1000 teacups under the system, you have 1000 Aollar profit distribution. If you build the trust stamp system in the early stage, it means that you will have 9.7 trillion user consumption related to you. It is a very big income.
While seeing the benefits, you will also become a promoter of the chain merchants business, which will encourage more merchants to dock AJM to acquire this part of the user. In this process, Aollar is needed as fuel, which also drives the price of Aollar.
9. Initial ecological construction stage
The initial ecological construction fund totals 120,000,000 Aollar, which will be used for Mingwang website construction agreement bonus, exchange cooperation coin bonus, mine pool cooperation bonus, blockchain industry star building super master bonus, free consensus social enlightener reward and market The data platform shows bonuses.
After the pre-excavated 1 billion Aollar start-up funds were deducted from the BTC users' 1:10 airdrop and initial eco-construction fund, the remaining 705,250,000 Aollar was used as the initial funding for the Resonant V-pool, bringing the initial resonance V-pool Bitcoin to Aollar to 1:35,600. That is to say: in the first phase of ICEX, one Bitcoin can be exchanged for up to 178,000. As the number of Bitcoins participating in the ICEX resonance transaction increases, the number of Aollar in the Resonant V pool will decrease and the conversion ratio will decrease.

In order to achieve the goal of “building a decentralized consensus society with a full ecological future monetary network on a global scale”, AJM has begun to spare no effort to lay out the global market. The “Global 30 City Ecology Summit Program” has been fully opened. In addition, AJM has successively set up global operation centers in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Indonesia, India, ASEAN, Africa and other countries and regions to seize the global blockchain market opportunities and promote digital banking. Globalization, leading the trend of digital assets, and promoting global cooperation in blockchain globalization have laid a solid foundation!

Only the fools wait for opportunities, while the wise men create opportunities. Join AJM, join us in the blue ocean of digital assets, and work with us to create a wealth future!

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