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Jewish Intelligence 030: AJM Taiwan Salon will be held smoothly!

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News internal reference:
1, AJM will soon be online T-ark, GOKO, WBF, OKEX and other exchanges.
According to the official announcement, AJM will launch online T-ark, GOKO, WBF, OKEX and other exchanges. It is understood that AJM is a main chain developed based on the fourth generation blockchain technology, with data not tampering, support for big data analysis, open API interface, providing distributed underlying framework, creating a reliable environment for Dapp developers, Support smart contracts, bring their own features and more. This time, the two-way cooperation between AJM and a number of exchanges not only realized the free exchange of values ​​between the two parties, but also laid the foundation for building a closed-loop ecological application and a fully empowered value network ecosystem.
2. The International Financial Action Task Force (FATF) of the International Anti-Money Laundering Organization held a meeting last Wednesday to Friday. After the meeting, the FATF stated that the FATF has taken the necessary steps to assess whether countries are implementing new requirements for cryptocurrency regulation. Consistent.
3. Russian President Vladimir Putin's information technology adviser Dmitry Peskov said that if Russia's Libra and Gram tokens are "out of control", Russia will block Facebook and Telegram and suggest that the United States follow suit.
4. Heath Tarbert, chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said at the Washington Financial Technology Week that the encryption world will see Ethereum futures contracts sometime in 2020.
5. A consortium of major companies including South Korea's three major communications companies, Samsung Electronics and Financial Corporation announced that it plans to open a blockchain-based online identity authentication system service "initial" during the year.
6. SUKU is studying the introduction of food supply chain solutions into blockchains
7. Indian college students develop a voting system based on blockchain and won the hackathon award.
8. Japan's Sumitomo Mitsui Bank completed the blockchain trade financing test
Market analysis:
AJM is about to break out of the shock zone, and rebound is an opportunity for operation.
Judging from the data of the currency, the AJM callback is blocked and still in a turbulent trend. AJM is still oscillating in the 0.30–0.34 range today. After the price reaches 0.339 US dollars, it will fall back and the amount will gradually shrink. From the perspective of the daily line, the amount of consolidation can be slightly enlarged during the period of consolidation, and the market space is broad, and the rebound is an operation opportunity.
The accumulation of wealth is the power of the trend! AJM has achieved digital finance and redefines the future.
BTC continued to maintain intra-range volatility, and the volume of trading continued to shrink. The individual still maintained his previous views. The longer the sideways time, the worse the market outlook, because it will form a certain set of plates, and then think about this. The interval is difficult, and there is no tendency to stand back to the 5-week line. I personally think that the target does not have the expectation of a sharp rebound.
It is still oscillating near the lower shadow line. The long and short sides have not yet won the match, but they have already tested the support of $7,700 four times. If this point is lowered again, it is likely to fall below the support of the point. Personally, the next support is expected to be around $6,800–6,900. If the target re-sends back to the 5-week line and the 5-week line turns upward, then the conclusion is not established. At present, attention should be paid to the gain and loss of 30 antennas. It is possible to test again whether the high of $8,780 can break through, and if not, maintain the previous downtrend.
End of the article:
AJM Eco Contract helps you to win the future of wealth
Since AJM launched the BDDEx (multi-currency) platform, it has quickly gained a foothold; it has received enthusiastic support from all communities around the world, and reached an unprecedented consensus level in an instant.
The AJM eco-contract, supported by blockchain 4.0 technology, is designed with decentralization and anonymity in mind to create the world's most influential eco-community alliance and serve the global eco-community members. Our common goal: to establish a decentralized consensus society full ecological future monetary network on a global scale, and strive to build a highly liberalized blockchain digital banking new ecosystem, to realize the life value of each ecological community member, and let each community Members have more Aollar, helping community members to win the future of wealth and lead the trend of the times.
AJM is a master of blockchain 4.0 technology, with data not tampering, support for big data analysis, open API interface, providing distributed underlying framework, creating a reliable environment for Dapp developers, supporting smart contracts, self-contained functions, etc. .
AJM is a decentralized privacy social network.
AJM is a decentralized free financial business system.
AJM is a non-centralized consensus society full ecological currency network.
The only cryptocurrency in the AJM ecosystem is: Aollar.
AJM is a blockchain-based distributed privacy Internet. It uses ABC to resonate with ABC to create a decentralized global currency, providing unlimited possibilities for the application of blockchain technology.
The function of the AJM ecosystem:
1. AID: It is the only identity in the AJM ecosystem.
2, AID trust stamp: to solve the problem of interpersonal relationship trust.
3. Resonance trading: Solving Aollar's pricing and price balance issues.
4. OTC Superconducting Transaction: Solving the problem of Aollar's circulation realization.
5, anonymous transactions: to solve the secret security problem of wealth.
6. Concealed chat: Freedom of speech, security, and freedom of communication.
7, AVD advertising: to solve the problem of global information communication asymmetry.
8. Chain Contract: It is a unique intelligent contract business system in AJM.
Finance is the lever that incites life. With the same original wealth, choosing AJM may completely rewrite our future wealth pattern. In the future, AJM will lead the wealth of digital assets and will lead people to a new era!
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