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Encrypted Asset Analyst predicts AJM price will exceed 10 yuan before and after Christmas

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Familiar with economics should all know a basic theory: price is determined by value, and is affected by the relationship between supply and demand.
With the establishment of AJM Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and the promotion of AJM's global conference, various positive news has greatly increased investor confidence. More and more people are entering the market, and there is a shortage of supply. AJM price Rising, the value is comparable to gold.

According to the prediction of well-known crypto-equity analysts, the AJM bulls are strong and have the initial signs of opening the bull market. It is very likely that they will rise to 10 yuan in one month. Judging from the multi-currency transaction data, AJM broke the high price of 0.6 US dollars in 24 hours. Although the resistance has declined, the mid-to-long-term uptrend has not broken. The users who did not enter the market will be an opportunity at this time. Of course, the high technology can be high and low to make a profit; the technical white does not matter, sit and wait for the arrival of the large range.

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