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Dajiang has a domain, love has no silver, AJM helps IWS International Charity Association charity ev

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Economic growth and the development of globalization have brought people closer to each other. Many people enjoy a stable life in the world, but some people still suffer, as if they have been forgotten by the world. They have not enjoyed the progress of this world. The goodness that can be brought, even, they have no food and clothing. The world is near, but some people are farther apart.
AJM has always been committed to promoting international charitable philanthropy, facing the actual needs of global charities and recipients, exploring the potential of blockchain technology to build trust and cooperation applications in the global philanthropy field, and strive to promote the development of global charity.
According to Kuala Lumpur International News, the IWS International Charity Association celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the 1000th Charity Dinner to be held on December 6th, 2019 in the Fudu Good Want Ballroom, opening 100 seats and raising the target of RM500,000. The AJM Community Alliance will be held as a co-organizer, and the funds raised by the event will be used as charitable funds.
At that time, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdul Halim Abdul Samad, will be invited to be the opening guest, IWS International Charity Association Honorary Advisors Datuk Seri Wang Da Da, Huang Baoguo, Huang Baomin, Guan Weiwen, Zhang Qinghuai, Ye Yuezhi, Chen Qin, Vice Chairman Datuk Seri Lee Chau, and Secretary-General Zeng Weihua will attend the banquet and work with hundreds of international friends from China, Hong Kong and Cambodia to help IWS charity.
Founded in 2017, IWS International Charity Association conducts charitable activities mainly through the Kuala Lumpur Social Welfare Charity Association. The activities of the IWS International Charity Association include: visiting elderly homes, orphanages, mental hospitals, children with disabilities, donation of natural disasters, Chinese medicine, sending lunch boxes to street sleepers, helping children with natural heart and holes. At present, the association has signed cooperation agreements with Asian City University, UNITEN, Successful University and Padang State University of Indonesia to recommend students from bilateral countries to study at relevant universities. In the next three years, the IWS International Charity Association will also sign a docking cooperation agreement with 50 universities to help more students from different countries dream.

(The picture above shows the site of the IWS International Charity Association)
It is understood that on October 8th, at the IWS International Charity Association press conference, IWS International Charity Association founder and General Secretary of the International Charity Association Datuk Zeng Guolong as the AJM community representative, WBCC Future Fortune Club Secretary and global block Ms. Wang Feihong, Secretary General of the Chain Alliance Chamber of Commerce, issued a letter of appointment to formally appoint Ms. Wang Feihong as the Overseas Honorary Chairman of the IWS International Charity Association for a period of two years. This is an important recognition of the charitable initiatives and achievements of the AJM and WBCC blockchain alliances.

Ms. Wang Feihong, as the representative of AJM community, this appointment is another close integration of AJM blockchain technology and humane care. Ms. Wang Feihong believes that “in the public welfare activities, with the participation of AJM blockchain 4.0 technology, it can be solved. Security and transparency issues in charity, resulting in more trust and participation in charitable activities."
We believe that the power of technology can change the world. AJM hopes to make a contribution to charity through this good deed, and also appeals to people from all walks of life around the world to participate in the action of love~~~
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AJM Global Community welcomes you to participate in the experience!

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