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Cross-border payment is the best ecology of AJM

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According to the data in the 2019 Global Cross-Border Payment Report, the market size of emerging cross-border payment will reach about 18 trillion US dollars in 2020. The “Trillions of Opportunity” market has become a hotbed for the third-party cross-border payment development and the broad market prospect have made the competition in the encryption asset industry intensified.
However, there are also undercurrent under the torrent. The global cross-border payment market is like a virgin land. Although the appearance is lush, the internal problems of weeds are endless. “Poor security”, “exchange rate opacity”, “low cross-border efficiency”, “high transaction costs”, “slow payment speed” and “centralized control” have always been the most prominent problems for cross-border payment. In the traditional cross-border market dominated by traditional bank wire transfers, remittance companies, international credit card organizations and third-party payments, the above pain points cannot be resolved.
It is these pain points that have been seen so AJM deeply developed the fourth-generation block chain technology. With its unique application ecology, through the construction of digital bank, it solves the problems of cross-border payment and traditional bank defects.AJM realizes high-speed cross-border settlement,increases the value of crypto assets and drives the globalization of digital bank.

The role of AJM cross-border payments:
1. Solve large-value payments;
2. Solve the problem of high handling fees and slow speed;
3. Solve the problem of easily to be sealed of the card and account;
4. Solve the problem that each merchant can't connect to the third-party and the fourth-party payment platform;
5. Solve the problem of user deposit.
Ecological benefits of AJM cross-border payment:
1, Peer-to-peer distributed. Based on the distributed accounting system, the customer and the acceptor are automatically matched on a point-to-point basis, no complaint, and the payment channel is never frozen and safer.
2, Efficient clearing, quickly arrived into account. Real-time clearing every deposit and withdrawal of customers, and quick realization of free exchange and two-way acceptance digital currency and legal currency, even faster.
3. The user is also partner. Each user has a separate promotion link and invitation code, and can earn income based on the traffic of the underlying customer.
4. Open API interface to meet the needs of multi-scene payment. The open API interface can be used to connect major business platforms, such as cross-border e-commerce, game platforms, foreign trade enterprise platforms, foreign exchange futures platforms and so on.
AJM cross-border payment trend outlook:
1. The scale of cross-border payment transactions will maintain rapid growth
Third-party cross-border payments can meet the trading needs of small high-frequency and adapt to changes in the international trade in goods and services.
2. Industry competition is intensifying, and the rate is decreasing.
As the number of market participants increases, industry competition intensifies. The profit model of cross-border payment in the future will converge with the international payment industry and be profitable through marketing and financial value-added services.
3. Technological advancement will promote cross-border payment in a faster and more efficient way.
Future cross-border payments will be easier, faster and less expensive. At its core is the unification of technology upgrades and payment standards. The payment system is built on the bank's account system and is closely related to local laws and regulations, financial supervision, and credit reporting systems. The expansion of cross-border payment services will be affected by market differences.
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