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Bittrex Will De-list BITB/BTC Trading Pairs on July 19th.


**Important Announcement**

After a meeting with Bittrex, it has been determined that Bittrex will continue with their de-listing of the BITB/BTC market on July 19th. Due to proprietary secrets and mutual NDA, nothing further can be shared with the community other than the following de-list policy:

The Executive Board encourages the Bean Cash community to remove their BITB from Bittrex before July 19th. The following are existing exchanges where you can currently exchange BITB/BEAN and will be able to do so after July 19th.: (Korean Exchange) (For Non US Residents Only)

We are working to add new exchanges to the BEAN eco-system and will let the community know when new exchanges will be available.

--Bean Core Executive Board

Feel free to post this memo across all other BEAN media channels and platforms.


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