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BitBean Wallet Back Online at Yobit Exchange - Community Poll

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Very nice, seems the latest Twitter I sent today was effective Smiley

BitBean @BitBeanCoin 13h13 hours ago
@YobitExchange Months have past $BITB wallet still offline! Halt #BitBean trade & bring wallet online so users can withdraw #kindnessrocks


What say you Bitbean Community? Do you want to keep Yobit in the Bean Family? If so, send them some Bean Love with your Tweets (and thank them) and BTC/BITB trades!

Be sure to use #BitBean $BITB in your Tweets! If you don't want BitBean on Yobit, then withdraw you BitBean from Yobit.

Also, cast your vote by visiting:

Type "/poll" without quotes once you are in the BitBean Public Chat room. You should then see the Poll: "Should BitBean Remain on Yobit?" Click the link and cast your vote. The poll will be open for 7 days.

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Nice feature with the "/poll" :-) I voted atm


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