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Bean Core -- A World-wide Virtual Company
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Announcement: BitBean Community ("Team Bean")
August 8th., 2017

The Executive Board of Directors, of Bean Core has reached a consensus to re-brand BitBean for the upcoming release of v1.1.2 of the reference implementation. Bean Core is proposing to the BitBean community, here-fore referred to as "Team Bean", that BitBean is re-branded to "Bean Cash".

With a renewed focus, "Bean Cash" is a digital currency and peer-to-peer network. Its primary application is to be used as a store of value and a medium of exchange -- both on-line (Internet transactions), in-person transactions, or with merchants at the Point of Sale/Service (POS).

This change also mitigates issues of trademark disputes and confrontation, as the new name change references common names used in the public domain. BitBean is based in large part, on source code from Bitcoin, which is in the public domain. As core developers of BitBean (the digital currency, not the company), Bean Core Executive Directors believe, that re-branding preemptively mitigates moves by private companies that may try to lay claim, of rights to BitBean (the digital currency).

BitBean has existed for over 2 1/2 years as both a digital currency and a solid-secure peer-to-peer network -- without a hard-fork or transaction rollback! It has continued to be developed and maintained by Bean Core during this time. As stewards, we propose these changes, with the coming release of our v1.1.2 Core reference platform:

(Note: these change only relate to branding aspects)

Name: "BitBean" to be changed to "Bean Cash"

Tag-line: "Bigger..Faster..Stronger" to be changed to "Digital Cash"

Slogan: "Fast..Simple..Secure..More Than a Digital Currency!" (No Change)

Ticker: "BITB" to be changed to "BEAN"

Currency Code (for ISO 4217 Adoption): XBN Note: The first "X" is important because it designates a commodity that is independent of any government.

Cash Symbol: ß (Code-page 437: 00DF/225 for Point of Sale/Service Implementation)

New Domain: With this change, Team Bean and Bean Core would retain copyright and ownership of the "" domain. Existing and sub-domains would redirect to

New Domain: Hosting Services:
* An on-line wallet for Bean Cash (2017)
* email domain/service for Bean Cash holders (2017)
* SMTP relay (for future email protocols integrated into core) (2018)
* web-based micro-payment services (2018)

Bean Core formally invites Team Bean's input and discussion on these changes before formalization into v1.1.2 Reference Implementation.

The forum for participation in the discussion, is the channel "The Farm", hosted at:


With these additional changes, our target for release of v1.1.2 (Beta) is August 20th.


Bean Core Executive Board of Directors
(bod AT b I t b e a n DOT org)

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append delete #1. applecrisp

I think this is great and that a rebrand is definitely needed. Not criticizing but what is the logic behind keeping the 'Bean' name, is there any kind of environmental/organic goals for this project/organization, or any association with organizations focused on environmental issues? Or is it just simply a moniker? Either way, this is great and I'm glad that this project keeps getting better.

append delete #2. W924

Well I like the sound of beans..which are green before roasting...
A universally accepted currency for coffee houses cafes starbucks et al..? .a global business opportunity going begging imo...esp if you align it with fair trade coffee and fair trade farmers markets demographic... Now that would be Something!

append delete #3. inquirer

What's going to happen to existing BITBs? Are they going to be converted to BEANs?

append delete #4. Kekmituns

I hope that we will be keeping the beanman mascot!

append delete #5. Beaner4lyfe

Hi. I love the Bitbean brand. I think the mascot is great and would be disappointed if the name were to change. I understand Bitbean has a lot of haters but I think the current image of the coin with some tweaking has a lot of potential especially since it has the ability to catch the attention of a younger demographic. Kids and teens will be entering the crypto space soon and none of the current alts quite attempt to reach them. Please do not attempt to create a "professional" or corporate image. Keep the bean and ignore the FUDers. The ones who don't get it won't.

As for changing from BITB to BEAN. sure. That is ok with me I guess.

append delete #6. whitebeard

@inquirer This is not a fork in the terms of recent activity with bitcoin. It is simply a renaming, so yes in this proposal all BITB will simply become BEANs.

@Kekmituns Of course!! He's a great guy!

#7. whitebeard

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #8. whitebeard


what is the logic behind keeping the 'Bean' name

_Counting beans_ and _bean counter_ are old slang (and sometimes derogatory) terms for the profession of accounting. You can read more about that here: ...So 'Bean' is a fun way to refer to money.

Also, beans are prolific reproducers of food value, so we _sprout_ our beans (rather prolifically) to produce monetary value. We have developed a community around this terminology and our mascot, *Beanman*. It would be a mistake to leave this idea behind.

append delete #9. Kalpa

Hi, I hold a decent number of beans and stake them 24/7

I appreciate the Bean Team attempting to be pro-active and head off any potential issues in advance.

Though I must say I am a bit confused how changing the name from BitBean to Bean Cash avoids private companies from laying claim to it particularly after being in existence for over 2 years already.

If the choice is between BitBean or Bean Cash I vote stay with BitBean. Anyone remotely familiar with crypto that sees the name BitBean instantly expects it to be crypto since it invokes Bitcoin. Bean Cash not only does not roll off the tongue as well but also sounds like some fake money used in a Facebook game.

Changing the name & ticker means many will think the coin simply sank and disappeared. Also there is a substantial amount of memes both in video, photos, & even music with BitBean. This might sound silly to worry about loosing but Dogecoin is a $216 Million Dollar meme. It is probably the best example of what BitBean could be and I don't see this helping to move in that direction.


append delete #10.

Beans with the purse will not be lost ? After updating ????

append delete #11. wh1tebeard

The change is simply a re-branding/re-naming of bitbean to the new name. The name change makes no change in the protocol that will affect the number of beans you have.

append delete #12. whitebeard

Though I must say I am a bit confused how changing the name from BitBean to Bean Cash avoids private companies from laying claim to it particularly after being in existence for over 2 years already.

@Kalpa There is a company, 1on1 Development, that has trademarked the name "BitBean" in the US Patent and Trademark Office. Since their bid to trademark it seems to be successful, as their ownership of the name will be published in the Trade Mark Official Gazette on 5 September 2017, they now own the name in the US and can demand that BitBean, the cryptocurrency, quit using the name or claim that it is theirs to develop and start a fork of their own, or any of several possible scenarios, any of which can lead to confusion in the market. By making this move now Bean Core, with enough publicity, can mitigate the confusion.

append delete #13. BarrettHouse

As a holder and staker of BitBean, i'm very encouraged to see the organization advancing. Many Crypto organizations although strongly valued, lack leadership. Not all decisions can be drafted to please everyone, but making correctional changes as you proceed will payout in the end.
I look forward to learning more as these changes are implemented and helping advance use of the Bean!

append delete #14. viparmenia

The giveaways make more publicity than re-branding.

#15. KalpaX

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #16. Kalpa

@whitebeard Hi, Thanks for clarifying the reason. I suspected it might be something to that effect but the announcement was somewhat vague in that respect.

If the Bean Team isn't completely set on Bean Cash yet it might be worth considering having a contest to come up with the new name. It could be advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the winner get something like 100,000 Beans.

It would serve to inform the wider crypto community that the BitBean name & ticker will be changing, renew & generate new interest in BitBean and get people involved seeking to win the contest that might otherwise not be interested in BitBean.

append delete #17. Lucas

I hope a good amount of bitb and stake 24/7 as well, its one of my fav coins but I do think its due to a rebranding, specially the design. the old mascot looked much better than the new one. Also the website needs a more modern look.

append delete #18. Simon Francis

Can you give an idea when the changes will take place?

append delete #19. Tykoon

Really what's up with the rebranding news everyone is quiet on it or is the rebranding not taking place again

append delete #20. tonhwk

I would like to see a new site, but the bean logo is pretty god, also the name and the currently symbol BITB for trade. Please bring it up what are the dev team needs, I could contribute maybe. Thank you a lot

append delete #21. copperjot

I personally REALLY like Bitbean compared to Bean Cash. Bean Cash sounds extremely off putting. Perhaps Bitbeanz? Or BeanBites? Seriously adding "Cash" in the name sort of defiles the currency. Its NOT cash, its crypto currency and should never have "cash" anywhere in the name. It actually alienates me from the coin now and im sure others will feel the same. We don't want cash, we want digital currency. Please do not add Cash to the name it will do more harm than good. We dont want Cash. I get it that it parallels fiat currency by saying "Cash" and you believe that will help with peoples mindset. But I firmly feel it will hamper its growth and adoption instead. Please suggest other names, or let the community Vote on proposals. Thank You!

append delete #22. EvRo74

Greetings to the community!
I want to know the following:
1) where to download the last working version of the wallet ?;
2) which blocks are optimal for growing 1 time per day?
3) What is the current annual percentage?
4) when the release of a new wallet is expected and how to change the sprouting in this regard?
5) where to find the configuration file and bootstrap?
Thank you very much in advance!

append delete #23. I_am_Amicus

A couple of points worth noting regarding Trademarks:
1: In the USA rights to Trademarks come about through demonstrated usage. Rights are attributed by a 'first to use' policy not a 'first to file policy' (as is used in China).

2: If bitbean have been using the name "bitbean" longer than 1on1 Development, and can demonstrate this, then they are well within their rights to keep using the name bitbean and also have a case for the name to be re-registered to bitbean.

3: Registering a trade mark also isn't entirely necessary it (just expediates things if a dispute does arise). So long as you can prove you have been using it in commerce.

4: Check with your legal guy/girl they will confirm the accuracy of my points above.
best of luck

If my input above was useful to you, buy me a beer, Im melting here today :-*
My bean beer fund address:


append delete #24. viparmenia

@I_am_Amicus the trademark "Problem" is just an excuse for naive people. The rebranding is only marketing trick for getting attention.

append delete #25. I_am_Amicus

I have 20 years professional experience in the branding field. I can be of genuine assistance in any branding projects. I am not seeking financial remuneration. I simply would like to support and contribute in a meaningful way to the bitbean community and the development of the bitbean project .


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