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BitBean Family Meetup Scheduled

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Hello Bean Core & Team Bean members,

We've all had a very busy past couple of months, working extra hours at our jobs, taking care of our families and busy on other projects.

I would like to invite our members to come and chat together this Monday, and to bring back our focus of developing BitBean and the BitBean ecosystem!

No specific time is required, just show up when you can (if you need your credentials sent again to login, just let me know).

Time to bring the Bean Family back together!

Date: November 14th., 2016
Time: Anytime (All communication is logged together on our collaboration platform, so all members have flexibility for what time works best for them.)
Place: Room: BeanCore - Private Chat

We will also be hosting a simultaneous Public Meet-up for Team Bean (Any holders of BitBean):

Date: November 14th., 2016
Time: Anytime
Place: Room: BitBean - Public Chat

I look forward to chatting with you all about the current direction and future of BitBean!

Best Regards,

Shawn Kent
Project Manager & Lead Developer
Bean Core, Team Bean, BitBean

BitBean, Fast..Simple..Secure..More Than Just a Digital Currency!

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