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BitBean Currency Code (ISO 4217) Adoption

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I'm opening this thread to see if there is any consensus in the community for adopting 'XBB" as BitBean's ISO 4217 Currency Code?

If there is a consensus, we could put through a request to have it recognized as BitBean's official Currency Code, and as so propagate through the ecosystem (wallets, exchanges, merchants, ISO, wikis, etc.)

To be clear we would change from using BITB to XBB (officially).

ß (Codepage 437: 00DF/225) would remain as the official symbol.

For perspective, here are some examples for other currencies:

$ USD United States Dollar

XMR _ 8 Monero
XRP _ 8 Ripple
XZC _ 8 Zcoin

The "X" is important because it designates a commodity that is independent of any government.

Looking for some disscussion on this topic. After some discussion we'll hold a community poll if there are alternatives suggested.

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According to the table on, XBB is already taken by the European Monetary Unit (E.M.U.-6) (bond market unit). However, it appears that it is no longer in use, since the Euro (EUR) has become the currency of the European Union.

If we cannot get ISO to make it Bitbean's official designation, another choice might be XBN.

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"XBN" nice, I think I like it better :) Glad to see someone paying attention! :)


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