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AJM eco-contract to create the world's most influential eco-community alliance

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AJM is the revolutionary blockchain social practice peak of the developer team after years of hard work and costing thousands of dollars. It is not a single-technology blockchain project, but a distributed privacy Internet based on blockchains that integrates multiple research results.

AJM is a decentralized privacy social network;
AJM is a decentralized free financial business system;
AJM is a decentralized consensus society full ecological currency network;
The only circulated cryptographic asset in the AJM ecosystem is Aollar.

The function of the AJM ecosystem:
1. AID: is the only identity in the AJM ecological network;
2, AID trust stamp: to solve the problem of interpersonal relationship trust;
3. Resonance trading: Solving Aollar's pricing and price balance issues;
4. OTC superconducting transaction: solving the problem of Aollar's circulation realization;
5. Anonymous transactions: solving the secret security problem of wealth;
6. Concealed chat: Freedom of speech, security, and freedom of communication;
7, AVD advertising: to solve the problem of global information dissemination asymmetry;
8. Chain contract: It is a unique smart contract commercial system in AJM.
After the AJM eco-contract was launched, it was supported by communities around the world and reached an unprecedented consensus level in an instant. AJM will create a new ecosystem service system to realize the life value of each eco community member, and let each community member have more AJM, which is regarded as the goal of AJM community construction.
At present, AJM has set up global operation centers in Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa and other regions. The number of community ecological alliances exceeds 100,000. Next, it will set up operation centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Dubai and other places. Continents form a global community ecological alliance system.
Here are some related links for the AJM project.
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AJM Chinese Community - ht tps:// icial_CN
AJM America Community - ht tps:// fficial_EN
AJM Japan Community - ht tps:// mofficial_JP
AJM Russia Community - ht tps:// mofficial_RU
AJM Korea Community 1 - ht tps:// ficial_KR
AJM Korea Community 2-ht tps:// of ficial_KR2
AJM Korea Community 3-ht tps:// official_KR3
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AJM Africa Community -ht tps:// icial_Africa
AJM Global Operating Center - ht tps:// NEF
AJM Indonesia Commuunity-ht tps:// icial_ID
AJM Malaysia Community-ht tps:// MOfficial_MY
AJM Thailand Community-ht tps:// MOfficial_THAJM+ White Paper (Chinese) - ht tp://w w
AJM+ White Paper (English) - ht tp://w w
AJM+ Youtube - ht tps://w w
AJM+ Project Introduction (Chinese) - ht tp://ww
AJM+ Project Introduction (English) - ht tp://ww w.wor
AJM+ APP Download (Chinese) - ht tp://w ww.w
AJM+ APP Download (English) -ht tp://w w -
AJM+ A letter to all mankind (Chinese) ht tp://w ww.wo rldajm.c om/zhongwen/yifengxin.pdf
AJM+ A letter to all mankind (English) ht tp://w w w.worldajm.c om/yingwen/An%20open%20letter%20from%20the%20Jewish%20saint%20JT%20to%20all%20mankind.pdf

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