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Tark payment system is recruiting outstanding party of launching coin globally, and hundreds of bill

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Tark payment system creates the world's first dual-form cold payment system security protection mode, achieving a major breakthrough in technology, and fully reflects the spirit of the blockchain in application.

Tark payment system, with two super features and six advantages
It has two super features of anonymity and security, also with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. It supports the payment, storage and transaction of all token assets, and integrating games, communities, live broadcasts and other applications, it is a multi-functional blockchain cross-chain payment system exchange.
Tark payment system directly hits the pain points of industry
In view of the current rigorous conditions of launching coins on many trading platforms, it is difficult for outstanding projects to launch coins on the platform. Tark directly hits the industry's pain points, technology-oriented, and builds a decentralized exchange. While providing users with better quality token trading services, it will build a healthy and stable ecological trading environment and promote the healthy development of the global blockchain industry.
Tark payment system recruits outstanding party of launching coin globally
Tark payment system is now recruiting outstanding projects to launch coin globally, and the top 20 will enjoy the preferential policy of launching coin.
The development concept of Tark payment system is to realize the dream of each project party and give the high-quality project an opportunity to show itself. If you are interested, please send the project information to our mailbox:, our customer-service staff will contact you as soon as possible!

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TarK payment system: Why are the multi-currency payment systems more popular?

It is widely believed in the industry that in the future blockchain, who owns the payment system will control the world.

According to relevant data, the number of digital payment system users exceeded 34 million in 2018, which is more than three times the number of users in 2016. I can not help but sigh, digital payment system ushered in the spring.

However, with the rapid increase in the number of users, the types of payment systems have also begun to be varied: for example, according to the private key storage method, it is divided into a cold payment system and a hot payment system; according to the data maintenance method, it is divided into a full-node payment system, a light payment system, a centralized payment system, and decentralized payment system; according to the transaction method, it is divided into on-chain payment system and off-chain payment system; in addition, there are various kinds of derivative payment systems in different usage scenarios.

The single-currency payment system and multi-currency payment system that we want to focus on today are one of the divisional dimensions. With the increase of payment system types, digital payment systems support more and more kinds of assets, which have evolved from single currency payment systems to multi-currency payment systems.

The strongly attacking TarK payment system is a digital payment system that supports multi-currency storage in 2019. TarK manages all high quality currencies worldwide, supports all ERC20-TOKEN, cross-chain support BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, ETC, XEM, BTG, IPC, GOD, BCH, DASH, DOGE, QTUM, ERC20, BCD, SBTC, BCX , XRP, CVT and other types of tokens that are circulating worldwide.

A single currency payment system is a payment system that supports a single currency. For example, the BTC payment system stores BTC. If the user holds a digital asset other than BTC, they have to re-download other payment system apps, resulting in "one mobile phone with multiple payment systems." In addition, when users transfer money or collect money, they also need to switch between different payment systems, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Compared with the single-currency payment system, the TarK multi-currency payment system can support multiple currency storage at the same time, which greatly facilitates the user to manage and use digital assets, it manages multiple assets through a set of mnemonic words, also significantly improves the user experience. In addition, TarK payment system has added a number of features that greatly enrich the application scenarios of digital payment systems.

Eight key functions such as key import function, mnemonic words backup function, multi-currency storage function, on-chain matching transaction function, secure transaction function, game lobby function, online live broadcast function, and on-chain query function are all gathered together. Tark payment system meets all the needs of users with one click!

Many players are targeting multi-currency payment systems, first of all the value of the payment system in the encrypted world. The industry insiders believe that the essence of the blockchain is the value network and the transmission of value, and the payment system is both the starting point of value and the end of value, it is the infrastructure and important traffic entrance of the blockchain era.

Over time, payment system users will be involved in more and more asset delivery, and the greater the stickiness, eventually resulting in a closed loop of digital asset management. In the future, digital assets will become an important part of the payment ecosystem, and the payment system will become the most important part of the flow entrance and ecosystem. The emergence of Tark payment system is to meet the needs of the times. This is like today's irreplaceable WeChat payment system and Alipay, in the future blockchain world, who owns the payment system will control the world.

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