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Tark payment system is recruiting outstanding party of launching coin globally, and hundreds of bill

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Tark payment system creates the world's first dual-form cold payment system security protection mode, achieving a major breakthrough in technology, and fully reflects the spirit of the blockchain in application.

Tark payment system, with two super features and six advantages
It has two super features of anonymity and security, also with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. It supports the payment, storage and transaction of all token assets, and integrating games, communities, live broadcasts and other applications, it is a multi-functional blockchain cross-chain payment system exchange.
Tark payment system directly hits the pain points of industry
In view of the current rigorous conditions of launching coins on many trading platforms, it is difficult for outstanding projects to launch coins on the platform. Tark directly hits the industry's pain points, technology-oriented, and builds a decentralized exchange. While providing users with better quality token trading services, it will build a healthy and stable ecological trading environment and promote the healthy development of the global blockchain industry.
Tark payment system recruits outstanding party of launching coin globally
Tark payment system is now recruiting outstanding projects to launch coin globally, and the top 20 will enjoy the preferential policy of launching coin.
The development concept of Tark payment system is to realize the dream of each project party and give the high-quality project an opportunity to show itself. If you are interested, please send the project information to our mailbox:, our customer-service staff will contact you as soon as possible!

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Tark payment system accelerates the construction of global digital bank and opens a new ecosystem of world-class cross-border settlement
The popularity of the mobile Internet has driven the rapid development of the payment industry. In 2018 alone, the global mobile payment share has exceeded 51 trillion US dollars. However, the over-centralized Internet, low efficiency, high centralization risk, and high transaction costs, cannot meet the rapid development of the mobile payment industry. People are eager to solve this problem through emerging technologies.
At present, the blockchain has become a widely recognized new technology and new ideas. The combination of traditional industries and blockchains is the trend of the times. With the rapid spread of blockchain technology in all areas of the world, the blockchain + payment industry will use this technology to the fullest.

Tark payment system based on blockchain 4.0 technology for cross-border settlement innovation solutions
Different from many public blockchain projects around the world, Tark's payment system has proposed a solution to realize the rapid landing of financial business scenarios from the beginning of its birth to the actual needs of the trillion-dollar global cross-border trade settlement.
Tark's technical team builds the world's first blockchain payment system based on Blockchain 4.0 technology, supporting all-pass asset payment, storage and cross-chain transactions. Tark uses blockchain 4.0 technology as the underlying technology to generate payment, transaction settlement, and application of encrypted assets, satisfying users' payment, landing merchant consumption, online shopping, major industry consumption, and various blockchain transactions. Application requirements such as media. In the process of implementation, it has designed a complete set of ecosystems, and at the same time let it implement the landing, truly realize the "second pay" of digital assets. The ultimate goal is to provide a guarantee for the commercialization of free payment in the global consumer scene, so that hundreds of millions of people can enjoy the convenience brought by Tark, and ultimately realize the vision of digital bank.
There are bottlenecks in traditional cross-border transactions, such as long time, complicated procedures, time limits and so on. Tark can be completed in an instant, and the user service experience will be shortened from the past level of days and hours to the second, transfer to the account in an instant, really achieved the traditional financial even dare not think of the thing.

Tark makes circulation become the driving force of the value of wealth
The greatest value of wealth lies in circulation. In the future, digital assets will become an important part of the payment ecosystem, and the payment system will become the most important part of the flow of imports and ecosystem. Tark's payment system is the product of the development of the times. Its goal of building a global settlement ecosystem and establishing a global digital bank will eventually be realized with the increasing number of users!
Tark opens a new world-class cross-border settlement ecosystem
Blockchain innovation is changing the overall pattern to deal with payment transactions worldwide. Tark payment system has two super features of anonymity and security, with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, open third-party ecosystem, and seamlessly connect operations and scenarios between different countries, involving global organizations, institutions, and people to achieve efficient collaboration on a global scale. Tark starts with the underlying infrastructure of the payment structure, creates a blockchain peer-to-peer payment new form, creates a new global cross-border payment ecosystem, leverages the ecological advantages of encrypted asset payment, links global payment companies, major commercial banks, and creates world-class cross-border settlement of new ecosystem and share the dividends of the new era.

A secure and efficient blockchain payment tool is currently needed, and the Tark payment system is the best choice.
Download link of Tark payment system:
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Tark payment system, the world's safest trading platform

In the crypto asset market, the exchange is an indispensable part as the public place for asset exchange. Centralized exchange are widely welcomed by users because of their high efficiency, convenient operation and high liquidity. However, there are hidden dangers behind them.
The exchange controls a large number of user assets and the stolen incidents in some exchanges expose the huge security risk. The nature of centralized operations cannot avoid the lack of internal management and the risk of self-stealing. In addition to security, the experience of poor deposit withdraw、opaque governance mechanisms、and malicious harvesting of investors also make users miserable.
The market urgently needs a transparent, secure and reliable trading platform. After listening to users' voices and understanding the pain points of users, the Tark project team quickly deployed and launched its own decentralized exchange-Tark.

Tark: Secure and reliable blockchain digital trading platform
Tark payment system is a non-profit decentralized trading platform application which is constructed on the basis of the fourth-generation blockchain technology public chain.Through the smart contract to improve circulation efficiency and quick payment network to achieve rapid payment of digital assets, we create a decentralized blockchain financial ecology payment system. It brings users experience like centralized exchange and supports multi-coin cross-chain transaction.
Tark solves the three-party trust relationship among the trading platform,blockchain project party and the cryptocurrency investor. Unlike traditional centralized trading, Tark's data is recorded on the chain. Data can only be viewed and added cannot be deleted or modified make the possibility of doing malicious operation reduce to a minimum. Tark does not hosting the private key of user's wallet . The assets are controlled by the users themselves. Through peer-to-peer transaction of the digital wallet avoids the risk of centralized hosting.
Tark's two major features of security and anonymity escort user's assets
Security: Tark blockchain network is secure and powerful.It not only embeds encryption technology and also is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model.It brings in the United States Silicon Valley's top technology and develops multiple person collaborative management functions which greatly reduce the risk factor of user's token assets.

Anonymity: In a general centralized trading system, privacy protection is provided by the center of trust. All users' information and transaction information are stored in the central database, and ordinary people cannot easily obtain the customer's information. Only the trust center holds the information of everyone. The Tark payment system is based on blockchain 4.0 technology and is a truly decentralized product whose nature determines that no one can easily access the user's data.
The Future: Building a Future Payment Blockchain System
At present, professional talents in the blockchain industry is insufficient.Technicians capable of developing public chain and smart contracts. are also limited.Tark hopes to help the technical talents in the Internet industry to enter the blockchain industry more easily and quickly.
 Tark builds a distributed database system based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. Since the blockchain is distributed, it is impossible to have a single point failure. Each transaction is stored in the form of a block, which is difficult to destroy.Moreover, all the blocks are interconnected. Due to this connecting mechanism, if one block is broken, all other blocks on the block chain immediately show changes. With a secure blockchain system, we can eliminate cyber crime and attacks in the banking and financial sectors in current era.
There is no giant enterprise in the decentralized exchange. It takes a long time for the centralized exchange to transform to be decentralized. It is Tark's unique advantage in winning the battle of the exchange transformation as an entrepreneur to deploy quickly, see the market demand, adjust its direction in time and find a breakthrough in the market.In the future, how the situation of exchange will change and whether Tark can become a pioneer of the new exchange industry, we will wait and see.

Download address of the Tark payment system:
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Tark payment system leads the trend of global digital payment

Since ancient times, the way of trading currencies has changed with the development of society. From the exchange of things to the current electronic payment, the way of payment has changed, and our life is more convenient.
Expressway tolls will stop manual tolling collection.As long as the WeChat or Alipay is bound, the license plate becomes the payment code, the license plate will be automatically recognized when leave the expressway and the charges will be automatically deducted ; the restaurant also starts to apply self-help ordering; the WeChat self-service supermarket has quietly settled in other cities. ......
A female author named Miriam used a shocking title in the German great newspaper -Germany's Die Welt: China's mobile payment is light years ahead of German and gave the Germans an enlightenment class for mobile payment.
At a meeting, Ms. Miriam saw the participants from China using mobile phones. In the eyes of the Germans, China's WeChat and its various services are dazzling, and compared to Google or Amazons that Germans are used to, the Chinese mobile phone program is very different in aesthetics. But on the dazzling page, there is a mobile payment service that Germans still can't enjoy.
Unacceptable to Ms. Miriam, Alipay and WeChat are only open to Chinese people at airports and retail stores in Germany. How unfair this is! Chinese people can pay by QR Code, but Germans can't.

Western online payment PayPal was established 20 years later before it started mobile payments with Google. And China's mobile payment goes to different areas directly in the same time. The existing German mobile payment is still limited to large shopping malls.But in China QR codes are everywhere and China's mobile payment field has far surpassed that of the West.
China's mobile payments are not only used in duty-free shops in shopping malls or airports, but mobile payments have penetrated into all areas of life of Chinese people. Mobile payment can pay for water and electricity, buy movie tickets, order food, pay taxi, buy a train ticket, play games even buy or sell stocks etc.
Inspired by China Mobile's payment, Tark's global payment system came into being. Tark built a digital bank for the world, regardless of race,and national boundaries, for the common use of all mankind. Tark payment system not only has two characteristics of anonymity and security, but also has six advantages of supporting multi-currency, high-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem, which fully reflects the spirit of blockchain..
In terms of user experience, Tark created a multi-language, multi-currency, multi-functional payment environment. Tark can be used in any country, enabling a higher level of user experience, regardless of exchange rate.
In the near future, Tark's payment system will create a professional, transparent and safe blockchain digital banking payment system that will provide a global payment solution for more and more businesses and users.
Download address of the Tark payment system:
China telegraph group:
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