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AJM Digital Bank Ecological Storm Global: Everything will be refactored, subverting imagination

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Technology is the primary productive force, and innovation is the first driving force for development.
In the first industrial revolution, the roaring steam engine crossed the long river of history and passed through the dust of the Latin American and African colonies. An era of replacing manual labor with machines was born in the violent capital.
In the second industrial revolution, the weaving network of electricity connected the whole world, and the dawn of the modern industrial era illuminated every corner of the Europa continent in the dark night sky.
In the third industrial revolution, the Internet completely changed the old world, and information technology promoted the integration of the global village and the era of "great navigation" in global trade.

After the three industrial revolutions, the wave of the fourth industrial revolution has swept through. As a revolutionary wave with science and technology as the driving force and innovation as the driving force, the birth of the blockchain is an important product of the fourth industrial revolution. .
AJM opens a new era of blockchain 4.0 smart contract
The blockchain has come out of the conceptual stage, but the current state of the development of blockchain technology is that the underlying technology is not mature enough, and the applicable scenarios are limited. On the one hand, the core technology of blockchain such as consensus algorithm still has room for optimization and perfection; on the other hand, the processing efficiency of blockchain is difficult to meet the requirements of some high-frequency application environments in reality.

AJM is supported by blockchain 4.0 technology, with the ultimate goal of building blockchain digital banking. With the development and application of blockchain technology, AJM is actively constructing a fair, open, healthy, shared and co-constructed zone that links the world. Blockchain ecosystem. From data deposits, product traceability, stock trading to e-commerce, cross-border trade, cross-border payments, and intelligent and digital transformation of traditional industries, AJM has become the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution, and it is starting to take off. Waves lead the new trend of digital assets and ignite the global storm of blockchain.
AJM is an encryption asset based on the fourth generation blockchain technology based on blockchain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. It has five core attributes, namely: transaction attribute (value attribute), deposit attribute, trust attribute, intelligent attribute, and traceability attribute. In addition, AJM also has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, autonomy, information not to be falsified, and anonymity. Under the premise of combining with blockchain 4.0 technology, it promotes global finance, education, health care and other industries. The digital transformation has opened up a new era of blockchain 4.0 smart contracts.

AJM creates a digital banking network
Based on Blockchain 4.0 technology, AJM has established a full-featured integrated digital bank that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, including authorized payment institutions, electronic money institutions and commercial banks. The digital bank is not hosted in any physical front office and relies entirely on the latest The blockchain technology can also develop DAPP, decentralized storage, payment, decentralized exchanges, anonymous social chat, and ecology while improving the efficiency of bank processing and ensuring that transaction information and data are real and cannot be tampered with. Advertising, product traceability, cross-border e-commerce, artificial intelligence, VR games and other applications, each application links to each other, greatly reducing transaction costs, reducing transaction risk, improving transaction efficiency, and achieving decentralized digital financial ecology.
In the future ecosystem of AJM, the construction of digital banking will consider comprehensive considerations from peer-to-peer transactions, dual Token economic model, digital asset payment, and investment customers, and solve the shortcomings of traditional banks through digital banking to achieve cross-border settlement and digital banking. Globalization, ultimately AJM will become a digital bank that supports the entire network ecosystem.

AJM storms the world, leading the new trend of digital assets
In order to achieve the goal of “building a decentralized consensus society with a full ecological future monetary network on a global scale”, AJM has spared no effort to lay out the global market, preparing for the globalization of digital banks and leading the trend of digital assets.
1. Set up operation centers around the world
At present, AJM has set up global operation centers in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Indonesia, India, ASEAN, Africa and other countries and regions to seize the global blockchain market opportunities and promote the blockchain. Global innovation cooperation has laid a solid foundation.

2. Established AJM Business School and launched the “Global 30 City Ecology Summit Program”.
In order to promote the popularization and ecological development of blockchain knowledge and promote the application of blockchain technology industry, AJM has established a brand business school, which has gathered the top gold medal lecturers from the global blockchain industry and the well-known KOL in the industry, launching “2020” for the world. The annual AJM30 City Ecology Conference" tour.
It is reported that in 2019, AJM and WBCC blockchain alliance have held many large-scale conferences in Australia, Thailand, Qingdao, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and other countries. In 2020, we will continue to expand our efforts to expand overseas markets such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa, so that global blockchain enthusiasts can share wisdom, share resources, and share market dividends brought by AJM.
3. Open global brand strategic cooperation
AJM has reached a series of strategic cooperation with many media and exchanges such as Google, the world headline, many currency exchanges, T-ark payment system, WBF, GOKO exchange, etc. for many industries such as finance, internet of things, e-commerce and so on. To subvert the revolution, work together to create an eco-digital bank and establish a decentralized consensus society!

As a product of the fourth-generation blockchain technology, AJM is far more innovative than the imagination of the world. AJM is not only a simple blockchain technology upgrade, but also a "big bang" type of change, a comprehensive reshaping of the global commercial financial ecosystem, with more efficient transmission speed, lower power consumption and massive connections to open the Internet of Everything. The new era of banks.
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