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2019 Blockchain World Forum-Shenzhen Summit AJM Special Topic: Fourth Generation Blockchain Technolo

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On October 24, 2019, the 2019 Blockchain World Forum-Shenzhen Summit was grandly opened at the Shenzhen Nanshan International Conference Center. The summit was hosted by the Asian Blockchain Institute and invited nearly 100 participants from financial institutions, industry and government. And well-known experts in the field of blockchain at home and abroad. Among them, WFCC Global Blockchain Alliance Secretary Wang Feihong and Chief Blockchain Lecturer Yu Qianqian represented AJM at the summit roadshow.

At the conference, Ms. You Qianqian, the chief blockchain of WBCC, delivered a speech entitled “The 4th Generation Blockchain Technology, AJM Change the World”.

The times are changing, AJM leads the blockchain 4.0

Ms. You first explained the historical evolution from the first generation blockchain technology to the fourth generation blockchain technology. She believes that the blockchain 1.0 is the basic version of the blockchain technology, represented by Bitcoin, capable of implementing programmable currency, and is a cryptographic currency application related to transfer, remittance and digital payment. Blockchain technology first played a role in stirring the financial market. Blockchain 2.0: The programmable finance realized in 2014 is a combination of digital currency and smart contracts represented by Ethereum. Blockchain 3.0 Phase: Implemented in the 2017 programmable society, represented by XRP, the consensus protocol has been recognized, and the performance energy consumption problem has been solved. With the development of blockchain technology, its application can be extended to any demand. The field includes auditing notarization, medical care, voting, logistics, etc., and then to the entire society. The blockchain 4.0 phase, represented by A J M, will realize the ecological goal of digital banking globalization. A J M is a collection of research results from a blockchain-based distributed privacy Internet that will play an important role in identity security, internet freedom, privacy socialization, decentralized finance and business.
A J M innovative solution

Then, in the face of the current deficiencies in the financial and commercial fields, Ms. You summed up AJM's innovative solutions. In the analysis and comparison of similar competitive products, AJM based on the fourth generation blockchain technology has natural cross-chain support, local multiple database support, smart contract and consensus connection, chain slimming technology, record-level permission control, guarantee privacy security, audit And the subscription function, lightning network transmission, support for offline signature, RPCA consensus algorithm to save computing resources and other nine advantages, comprehensively surpass Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple's underlying application technology, leading the world.
A J M Central Research Institute and Silicon Valley Laboratory

Later, Ms. You introduced the A J M Central Research Institute and the Silicon Valley Laboratory in the United States. Founded in 2019, AJM Academia Sinica is the main development direction of blockchain basic theoretical research, key technology development and practical industry application, and actively carries out research and training institutions for blockchain talents. Members of the Silicon Valley Lab in the United States have rich practical experience in cryptography, blockchain technology, network security, finance, web development, etc., both of which work together to promote the global development of AJM!
AJM promotes the development of digital banking, realizes financial transformation, and once again changes the world

In the next speech, Ms. You mentioned that digital banking is the ultimate ecological goal of AJM. In the AJM ecosystem structure, the construction of digital banking will be comprehensively considered from peer-to-peer transactions, dual Token economic model application, digital asset payment, and investment customers. The digital bank will solve the shortcomings of traditional banks and make AJM a support network. One of the top ten global mainstream currencies, the ultimate in cross-border settlement and globalization of digital banking.
AJM and T-ark distributed exchanges

Later, Ms. You introduced the T-ark distributed exchange to everyone. Unlike other exchanges, T-ark distributed exchanges can realize the transaction between buyers and sellers without third parties. By using the technology of Block Chain and Smart Contract to achieve distributed and third-party effects, it is a distributed exchange compared to traditional digital exchanges. The two-way cooperation between AJM and T-ark exchange not only realizes the free exchange of value between the two parties, but also lays a foundation for constructing ecological application closed-loop and comprehensively empowering value network ecology.
Finally, Ms. You shared the AJM Global 30 City Ecology Summit Program. AJM will launch the annual 30 Cities Eco Summit Roadshow in the world under the promotion of the WBCC Global Blockchain Alliance, which will jointly report global media resources to create a global A unique blockchain event promotes the global development of AJM Digital Bank.
Ms. You’s wonderful sharing has aroused the resonance of the guests, and the atmosphere of the scene has been pushed to the climax. The applause continues. After the meeting, everyone actively discussed how to participate in AJM. The scene was hot.

We are convinced that with the continuous development of the digital economy, AJM's high-performance public chain construction will also advance steadily, and the value of innovation is gradually emerging. AJM will continue to use innovation to promote the development of a blockchain digital banking ecosystem with innovative thinking to build interoperability, inclusiveness and win-win.Here are some related links for the AJM project.
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