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2% of people master 80% of the wealth! Why aren't you rich?

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Recently, China Merchants Bank released its 2018 annual report, and one of the data sparked hot debate.

According to the 2018 annual report of China Merchants Bank, China Merchants Bank has a total of 125 million retail customers and the management assets are about 6.8 trillion yuan.

There are 2.362 million of sunflower customers and above, accounting for less than 2% of the total, with an asset scale of 550 million yuan, accounting for 80.98% of the total assets, and about 2.3 million of the per capita assets. Among them, 72,938 were private banking customers, accounting for 0.06%, asset scale of 2 trillion, accounting for 30%, and the per capita assets are about 28 million.

The under sunflower customers are 120 million, accounting for over 98%, and the proportion of assets is less than 20%, and the average per capita is about 10,000 yuan.

Yes, there's no mistake. If you take the data of China Merchants Bank as a microcosm of society, 2% of people master 80% of the wealth currently.

Although the data of the China Merchants Bank cannot represent the actual situation of the whole country, this figure has its significance because the sample is already large enough. After reading this group of shocking data, I don't know what you think, have you thought about it - why didn't I become one of 2%?

Today, let the chain plus international bring you the answer - wealth is not the accumulation of fixed salary, but the choice of the right way to invest in financial management!

Ultra low threshold, only with $200 to join

The million dollar wealth creation plan of Chain Plus International is a simple, easy and easy-to-copy way to create wealth. With a minimum investment of $200, you can choose a set of products that you like and value for money in the four products, so that you can get a quick opportunity to get rich. The company will provide a free global live broadcast to help you propagate.

After you have decided to join the program, as long as you share this good opportunity to three like-minded friends within 30 days, they will take the same action as you, and the $200 you invested will turn into a huge fortune of $2.2 million!

Small investment, simple operation, you can have a lot of wealth!

Four major products, each with your own choice

The four series of products of Chain Plus International include FAF ((First Assets Financial), Guoye Jewelry, National Stone Chain Disk, Chain Plus Tourism.

FAF ((First Assets Financial) is the world's first functional token asset for real estate and tourism;
Guoye Jewelry - will become a world-class jewelry brand in the future; National Stone Chain Disk - The 5G era has arrived. NSCD utilizes distributed storage, which has higher security, lower operation and maintenance costs, and better confidentiality than traditional storage systems.
Chain plus tourism – is a tourism platform that combines big data and resource integration to support the integrated payments of global token assets.

Super high returns, the speed subverts imagination

Million dollar wealth creation plan, like a lottery ticket that's guaranteed to win! Spend $200 for a $2.2 million lottery!

There are four highlights in the million dollar wealth creation plan of Chain Plus International:

1. Everyone can become a millionaire - Low threshold, decentralization, everyone is the boss;
2. Do not hurt your connection, and continue to operate forever - It's not a pyramid sales or a direct selling, it a win-win cooperation, and get rich by sharing;
3. International Platform, Global Business - Hosting hundreds of conferences around the world to help you succeed quickly;
4. Make hard things simple, easy to copy - Global circulation of token assets, the market is infinite, the income has no upper limit!

This is an opportunity to realize the wealth and it is your best chance to become a member of 2%! Chain plus international, waiting for you to join!

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