How to Install a BitBean Wallet

Follow these steps and you'll have your wallet working in no time!

1. Download your free BitBean Wallet

Download from the right column a compatible wallet for your computer.

2. Get BitBean

You can currently get BitBean (traded as BITB) from currently four exchanges (you can find links to them on the main menu - "Exchanges") - where you can buy and sell them for Bitcoins, Dogecoins, or Litecoins. Once you have purchased and withdrawn your BitBeans from an exchange into your personal wallet, you will be able to use them anywhere.

3. Use BitBean

After you have your BitBeans in your wallet you can use them or sprout them. With Bitbeans in your wallet you'll be able to find new blocks (through a process known as "sprouting") and earn more BitBeans! Bitbeans is one of the first PoS ("Proof of Stake") cryptos that rewards active wallets with static blocks of 1,000 Bitbeans (Also known as a "SPROUT"). Check the "About" menu item at the top of the page, to learn more about sprouting BitBeans and how to optimize your sprouting.

Attention: Until our DNS seeder nodes are up, you will need to download your respective BitBean.conf file as indicated below. This is needed to syncronize your wallet with the blockchain.
Place the BitBean.conf file into the proceeding data directory for your operating system.
Right Click with your Mouse the associated BitBean.conf and Select "Save Link As" - saving to the respective data folder for your operating system, as indicated below:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 10 C:\Users\yourWindowsUsername\AppData\Roaming\BitBean\ BitBean.conf

  • To open your AppData Folder: Press the Windows Key+R then type: %appdata%

  • Linux ~/.BitBean/ BitBean.conf

  • Mac OSX ~/Library/Application Support/BitBean/ BitBean.conf

  • Syncronize Your Wallet With the BitBean Blockchain Faster!

    A lot of users want to syncronize their "wallets" with the blockchain quicker. Here are some notes to follow if you would like to try it:

    First, make sure you are able to syncronize with the network and are getting more than one connection.
    Then encrypt your Wallet with a Passphrase using the Menu - Settings -Encrypt Vault
    Backup your Wallet using the Menu - File - Backup Vault
    It is recommended to backup two copies, to offline media (USB drive/devices).
    Next, stop BitBean from running with the Menu - File - Exit
    Open the Folder where you put BitBean.conf originaly and delete all sub-folders and files except: BitBean.conf, peers.dat, wallet.dat

    Download this file and save to the same folder as the files you kept.

    Extract to the same folder.
    It will ask you if you want to keep original peers.dat, say yes and rename the new peers.dat
    After the extraction is complete, restart BitBean.

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